Cast Iron Lanterns Production. Historical Area Development

Cast Iron Lanterns Production

AAM is dedicated to the preservation and development of historical areas, seamlessly blending the richness of the past with the demands of the present. Our team, comprised of architects, engineers, and preservationists, approaches each project with reverence for history and a commitment to innovation.

We believe that historical sites are not static relics but living, breathing reflections of our collective heritage. Through meticulous planning and creative design, we strive to revitalize these spaces, making them relevant and accessible to future generations. Our approach combines cutting-edge technologies with time-honored preservation techniques, ensuring that each project respects the integrity of the site while meeting contemporary needs.

Whether it’s restoring architectural gems to their former glory, revitalizing neglected urban districts, or creating immersive historical experiences, our goal is to celebrate the past while shaping the future. By preserving the stories embedded in our built environment, we contribute to a more vibrant and connected society.
We specialize in creating outdoor lanterns mounted on cast iron and steel posts. Our product range features classic cast-iron lanterns with decorative castings, LED-equipped outdoor lighting posts, and unique design structures. These products offer flexibility in post height, material, and lamp quantity.

Applications: ARCMETALLO’s outdoor cast iron lanterns are widely used for lighting outdoor advertising, roads, highways, recreational areas, embankments, residential and commercial areas, sidewalks, and public transport stops. They are also favoured by cottage and country house owners for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces.

Constructed from durable cast iron and steel, our outdoor lanterns are resistant to environmental extremes and mechanical damage, ensuring long-lasting durability and visual appeal. With a diverse range of products, including both classic and modern styles, we serve wholesale and retail customers worldwide, offering comprehensive warranty coverage.

Cast Iron Lanterns Production.
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