OAK Wooden Lighting Pole

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A modern lantern with a wooden base is an example of laconic Scandinavian design. The need to return natural textures, materials and forms to the urban space has led to a trend towards the search and production of lighting equipment and street furniture that would be most naturally included in the environment and contribute to the creation of a psychologically and functionally comfortable urban environment.

The lantern is designed to illuminate urban, park space, as well as areas of private and commercial real estate.

Wooden Lighting Poles Producer designs for street lighting, fabricated from environment friendly wooden materials. Aesthetically, these poles feature smooth surfaces and offer a wide range of finishing options. Installation and operation are hassle-free, and they come equipped with a sealed access panel for automation maintenance. With their extended lifespan, these poles represent a cost-effective and optimal choice for street lighting, as they combine strength, durability, appealing aesthetics, and ease of installation.

We specialise in crafting outdoor lanterns mounted on wood, cast iron and steel posts. Our product lineup includes classical cast-iron lanterns with decorative castings, LED-equipped outdoor lighting posts, and exclusive design structures, each offering versatility in post height, material composition, and lamp quantity.
ARCMETALLO’s outdoor lanterns find extensive use in illuminating outdoor advertising, roads, highways, recreation areas, embankments, residential and commercial zones, sidewalks, and public transport stops. These lanterns are also popular among cottage and country house owners, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces.
With a wide product range, including classical and modern styles, we cater to wholesale and retail customers worldwide, offering comprehensive warranty coverage.
Our advantages include:
High-quality products.
Comprehensive order management.
Tailored approach to all projects.

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