VIENNA Oval Table

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A large oval dining table on four cast-iron legs, though especially strong, looks light and does not visually overload the interior or exterior architectural space.

Cast-Iron Dining Table Production combines the beauty of artistic cast iron craftsmanship with a touch of versatility. Large oval table with cast iron legs. The table can be used in interiors with high ceilings and sufficient space, as well as outdoors (in the city, in an open restaurant, on terraces and in gardens). The number of legs, dimensions and material of the tabletop may vary and are discussed individually during the ordering process. The lacy moulding of legs and decorative details even out the massiveness of the marble tabletop. Wood can also be used for the interior at the customer’s request.

DIMENTIONS (LWH) 1540 x 1250 x 755 mm


ARCMETALLO offers stylish cast iron table bases. Looking to create a unique, distinctive design? Cast iron table bases are an excellent choice, blending well with luxurious and classic interiors. Whether for home, cafes, or restaurants, our assortment offers products in nearly any style, from robust bases to elegant legs resembling metallic lace.

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Durability: Cast iron is a sturdy alloy, offering long-lasting performance and minimal susceptibility to damage.

Versatility: Cast iron allows for the creation of various products, including intricate designs with decorative elements, providing a wide range of styles.

Load-bearing capacity: Cast iron table legs can support significant weight without forming chips, cracks, or compromising internal structure, making them suitable for public spaces like restaurants.

Corrosion resistance: Cast iron is resistant to high humidity, making table bases suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, such as terraces or garden relaxation areas.

Repairability: While resistant to corrosion, cast iron may develop minor damage in highly humid conditions. However, these issues are easily resolved by grinding damaged areas and applying black paint.

Cast iron table bases require minimal maintenance and can maintain their original appearance over decades, enduring various environmental conditions.


Our skilled team produces custom cast iron table bases. Choose your preferred model from our online catalog and submit a request. Our specialist will contact you promptly. Cast iron table legs offer affordable pricing, varying depending on factors like design complexity. Upon order placement, our manager will provide a price calculation.

You can pick up the finished product from our warehouse or opt for delivery worldwide. Our products bring joy with their exclusive beauty, longevity, and can serve as wonderful unexpected gifts for your loved ones.



Height: 755mm, Length: 1250mm


Artistic cast iron, marble tabletop


Color from the RAL catalog, Epoxy or polyurethane enamel, Options: painting particular elements in gold, patina, etc., Polymer zinc-phosphate primer


Graphite, Grey, Plum, Silver, Black, Olive, White