Primavera Clock on Cast Iron Pole

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A dual-sided outdoor electronic wall clock mounted on a metal bracket, featuring GPS synchronisation, tailored for urban infrastructure enhancement. The clock faces, crafted from translucent monolithic polycarbonate, bear printed imagery directly onto the surface, ensuring resilience against external elements. Dial designs offer flexibility, accommodating customer preferences for numerical displays, inscriptions, logos, or patterns. Delivered unassembled.

Urban Clock Posts Manufacturer offers an outdoor digital clock with two faces, mounted on a classic cast iron pole, intended to improve urban infrastructure through GPS synchronisation. The clock faces are crafted from robust translucent polycarbonate, featuring printed designs for durability against outdoor conditions. Customers have the flexibility to select dial designs with numbers, text, logos, or patterns. Aluminum hands can be customised to suit preferences, and the clocks are safeguarded by vandal-resistant glass and aluminum housing. Special coatings in diverse colours enhance the longevity of metal parts, with opportunities to incorporate patina or gold accents on particular elements. Delivered unassembled for convenience.

Technical specifications of the clock:

  • Clock synchronisation mechanism: GPS or radio signal – optional;
  • Connection to 220V power supply;
  • Dial diameter – 600/800 mm for single/double-sided clocks;
  • Clocks are supplied fully assembled — primary and secondary clocks in the housing;
  • Instruction manual for clock connection is included;
  • Dial hands can be Arabic or Roman numerals as preferred;
  • Individual logo can be applied to the dial.

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140 kg
430 × 30 × 40 cm

Color from the RAL catalog, Epoxy or polyurethane enamel, Powder coating


aluminum, Cast Iron, Rolled steel, Steel

Protection Ratings



Anchors / Flanged underground element