PARIS IV Cast Iron Staircase

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Whether gracing the entrance of a luxurious estate or adding charm to a contemporary loft, its fluid design seamlessly integrates into its environment.

Spiral Cast-Iron Staircases Manufacturer present a contemporary solution for interior decor in cottages, houses, offices, and various establishments. ARCMETALLO offers bespoke design structures, drawing upon our expertise in crafting and delivering premium forged and cast metal products since 1995. Our extensive experience ensures that our products meet stringent standards for durability, reliability, safety, and aesthetics.

Staircases come in various types:

  1. Stairs with flights, suitable for medium to large spaces.
  2. Spiral staircases, ideal for areas with limited room.
  3. Straight stairs, offering simplicity and continuity in design.

The execution style of flight and spiral staircases can vary, with elegant designs adding sophistication and luxury to any interior.

Screw iron staircases feature metal balusters and railings, with steps crafted from solid wood or other materials. For interiors, wooden stairs offer versatility and a cozy ambiance.

Balusters and railings crafted through casting and forging are not just functional but also artistic, boasting durability, resistance to wear, and aesthetic appeal. These luxury staircases enhance the elegance and taste of any space, whether modern or classic.

ARCMETALLO produces high-quality stairs using durable metals, premium wood species, and unique decorative elements. Our products withstand heavy use without needing repair or restoration, making them ideal for private residences and commercial spaces like hotels.

We offer:

  • A wide range of stairs with exclusive decorative elements crafted through artistic forging.
  • Competitive prices based on design complexity and decorative elements.
  • Options for self-pickup or worldwide delivery through transportation companies.

Choose from spiral, flight, or straight stairs. Contact our managers via our website form to inquire about catalog products, pricing, and features. Our team will promptly assist you, providing insights into each model and guiding your selection process.

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Diameter: 1600 mm


Artistic cast iron