ORIENTGLOW Lighting Pole

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Suitable for landscaping and gentle path lighting, compact lighting bollards are extensively utilized in parks, public institutions, and private residences.

Outdoor Lighting Bollard Manufacturer. Ideal for landscaping and providing subtle illumination along pathways, compact lighting bollards, usually ranging from 0.3 to 1.2 meters in height, find widespread use in parks, public facilities, and private homes. Crafted to reduce light pollution and blend seamlessly with the surroundings, these petite lanterns contribute to a warm and inviting ambiance in the landscape. They come in a variety of architectural designs, spanning from timeless cast iron to contemporary steel or cast aluminum.

Suitable for landscaping and gentle path lighting, compact lighting bollards typically measuring between 0.3 to 1.2 meters in height are extensively utilised in parks, public institutions, and private residences. Designed to minimize light pollution and harmonize with the environment, these small lanterns create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere within the landscape. They are available in diverse architectural styles, ranging from classic cast iron to modern steel or cast aluminum. These lighting poles are characterised by their user-friendly installation, low maintenance requirements, and implementation of high-performance LED light sources that are both energy-efficient and long-lasting.

ARCMETALLO’s outdoor steel lanterns find extensive use in illuminating outdoor advertising, roads, highways, recreation areas, embankments, residential and commercial zones, sidewalks, and public transport stops. These lanterns are also popular among cottage and country house owners, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces.
Crafted from durable cast iron and steel materials, our outdoor lanterns offer resistance to environmental extremes and mechanical damage, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal. With a wide product range, including classical and modern styles, we cater to wholesale and retail customers worldwide, offering comprehensive warranty coverage.
Our advantages include:
High-quality products.
Comprehensive order management.
Tailored approach to all projects.

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1200 mm


15 kg


Base: Ф130, Foundation:1000xФ130, Post: Ф114×1200

Pole construction

Foundation: Steel, flanged, Heat- treat polycarbonate pipe for steel part integration

Pole coating

Color from the RAL catalog, Epoxy or polyurethane enamel, Polymer zinc-phosphate primer, Specialized protective coating

LED source





Up to 100,000hrs LM70,Ta 25°C

LED Module Power


Lighting efficiency

Up to 116 lm/W


≥ 70 or ≥ 80

Color temperature

2700K, 3000K, 4000K

Protection Ratings


Input voltage

AC 220-240V, AC 90-305V


50 / 60Hz

Power factor

≥0.95 cos

Driver isolation

Class I, Class II

Operating temperature

-35°C~50°C / 10% ~ 95% (humidity)

Height range

from 0.1m to 1.5m

Weight range

from 15kg to 30kg, from 1kg to 15kg