TEMP Cast Iron Lantern

Price upon request

A classic cast-iron lantern with a cast lamp is used in functional and decorative lighting of city streets, parks, squares, boulevards, squares, open areas, embankments, areas in front of public and administrative buildings.

Street Cast-Iron LED Lantern

Cast iron, steel


Outdoor lighting pole made of cast iron is completed with lamps, supports, brackets, embedded part of the foundation.  The base coating of the pole is a polymeric zinc-phosphate primer and a layer of decorative epoxy or polyurethane paint. The default color is black. The coloring of the product in a different color (according to the RAL catalog), as well as the coloring of individual elements of the lantern (patination, gold, etc.) are agreed when order is placed.

The pole is installed on the flange of the foundation embedded part. The technical characteristics of the embedded part of the foundation are calculated individually for each specific case.

The embedded part of the foundation is coated with an anti-corrosion compound.

Paint coating

Weatherproof enamel in color according to the RAL catalog.

Additional technical information

Mains connection: 220 V, 50 Hz

You have the flexibility to customize lanterns according to your preferences regarding height, lamp type, and other specifications. Our lanterns are characterized by their exceptional resilience to environmental conditions. They are coated with a specialized compound that provides resistance against moisture and ultraviolet radiation, thereby minimizing the risk of corrosion and extending the lifespan of the supports. Moreover, our coatings are available in a diverse array of colors, allowing you to select the most suitable option to harmonize with the surrounding landscape.

APPLICATION OF STREET LANTERNS Our foundry’s street lanterns serve as versatile fixtures for outdoor illumination. They are suitable for various purposes, including lighting outdoor advertisements, ring roads, and highways. These products have been extensively utilized in enhancing recreational areas, waterfronts, residential neighborhoods, bustling urban districts, sidewalks, and public transportation stops.

The adoption of decorative outdoor lighting featuring metal lanterns has gained popularity among owners of cottages, country estates, and rural properties. With their superior aesthetic qualities, such installations complement and accentuate the beauty of the surrounding environment.

STREET LANTERNS — SUPERIOR QUALITY AT COMPETITIVE PRICES Our company manufactures street lighting lanterns using cast iron and steel, materials renowned for their durability and resilience to adverse environmental conditions, withstanding temperatures ranging from -40 to +40 °C. Notable advantages of our street lanterns include:

  • Resistance to mechanical damage owing to the robustness of the base materials.
  • Aesthetic appeal, with stylish designs and visually striking appearances enhancing any setting.
  • Longevity, with products boasting a lifespan extending over several decades.
  • Easy installation and minimal maintenance requirements.

At our company, you can procure lanterns directly from the manufacturer, available in classic or contemporary styles, all offered at competitive prices.