BRUSSELS Cast Iron Lantern

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The classic cast iron Brussels lantern is designed for functionally decorative illumination of low traffic streets, urban pedestrian areas, parks, gardens and boulevards, as well as areas of administrative, commercial and private real estate.

Outdoor cast iron lanterns are essential for enhancing the ambiance of urban and private areas alike. At ARCMETALLO, we specialize in producing street lanterns designed to seamlessly integrate into various architectural and landscaping settings.

COATING consists of polymer zinc-phosphate primer combined with epoxy or polyurethane enamel from leading European manufacturers. The color of the product is chosen by the Customer from the basic palette or from the RAL color catalog. Additionally, individual elements of the lantern can be painted according to the selected style (gold, “patina,” etc.).

FOUNDATION ANCHOR DETAIL (FAD): The support is installed on the foundation anchor detail (FAD) using a flange connection. The type, dimensions, and load capacity of the supports’ foundations are calculated in each specific case depending on the operating region and purpose of the support. All foundation anchor details (FAD) are covered with anti-corrosion compound.

Get detailed information about equipment installation and assembly.

DELIVERY PACKAGE The lantern is supplied unassembled, including: luminaires, brackets, decorative elements, axial pole, base, FAD. These components of the cast iron lantern delivered disassembled, convenient for transportation, loading and unloading operations, and ensure assembly on-site. All lantern components are packed in protective packaging.

Combining cast iron pedestals with steel posts enhances reliability and durability, perfect for street lighting. Compact models are available for landscape design, offering traditional strength and exquisite design for urban landscapes.

Our lanterns find application in illuminating outdoor advertising, highways, recreation areas, residential zones, and urban development. They enhance the aesthetic appeal, offering resistance to environmental extremes and mechanical damage for longevity.

With a diverse product range and competitive prices, we cater to both wholesale and retail customers, ensuring prompt worldwide delivery and comprehensive warranty coverage. Contact us for inquiries or orders at +393282430019 or via email through our website form and experience the elegance and functionality of our lanterns tailored to your specific requirements.

Our advantages include:

High-quality products.

Comprehensive order management.

Tailored approach to all projects.

Efficient manufacturing processes resulting from direct work.

Possibility of discounts.

Convenient delivery options.

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