ALLEYGLOW Lighting Pole

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ARCMETALLO ensures that cities receive lanterns that genuinely respect their architectural heritage while being user-friendly.

Outdoor Cast-Iron Lampposts Manufacturing exemplify a profound reverence for traditional design principles and architectural norms. The contemporary designs of historical cast iron lanterns at ARCMETALLO showcase a deep appreciation for traditional design principles and architectural traditions. Our dedicated team, consisting of skilled professionals such as architects and designers well-versed in various architectural styles, doesn’t just reproduce historical craftsmanship; we adapt it to modern technology and functionality. This ensures that cities receive lanterns that genuinely respect their architectural heritage while being user-friendly in terms of maintenance, usage, and installation.

Outdoor lanterns play a vital role in enhancing the ambiance of city streets, parks, squares, and residential areas. With their graceful design, they seamlessly integrate into both urban architectural settings and rural landscapes. These lanterns not only provide effective illumination during nighttime but also contribute to the enhancement of objects by accentuating light and highlighting the beauty of architectural structures, monuments, or landscaping features.

At ARCMETALLO, we specialise in manufacturing lanterns for outdoor lighting mounted on cast iron and steel posts. Our product range includes classical cast-iron lanterns featuring decorative castings, outdoor lighting posts equipped with LED technology, and exclusive design structures. These units vary in post height, material composition, and the number of lamps.


ARCMETALLO’s outdoor post lanterns find widespread use in illuminating outdoor advertising, ring roads, highways, recreation areas, embankments, residential and commercial zones, sidewalks, and public transport stops. These lanterns are also popular among owners of cottages, country houses, and summer residences, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces.

High-Quality Lanterns at Competitive Prices:

Our outdoor lanterns, crafted from durable cast iron and steel materials, offer resistance to environmental extremes and mechanical damage, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal. With a wide range of products available, including classical and modern styles, we cater to both wholesale and retail customers, providing worldwide delivery and comprehensive warranty coverage.

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3870 mm




Base: 1000x320x320, Brackets: 500×550, Collar: Ф89/Ф60, Foundation: 1200xФ200Ф89, Lantern: 770xФ522, Post: 3500

Pole construction

Artistic Cast Iron Park Lantern, Axis: Steel pole with flange, Foundation: Steel, flanged

Pole coating

Color from the RAL catalog, Epoxy or polyurethane enamel, Options: painting particular elements in gold, patina, etc., Polymer zinc-phosphate primer

Lantern construction

Housing: die cast aluminum, PC (standard) / PMMA (optional), Silicone gasket

Lantern coating

Color from the RAL catalog, Weather-resistant powder coating

LED source




LED Module Power


Lighting efficiency

Up to 120 lm/W


Up to 100,000hrs LM70,Ta 25°C


≥ 70 or ≥ 80

Color temperature

2700K, 3000K, 4000K

Protection Ratings


Input voltage

AC 220-240V, AC 90-305V


50 / 60Hz

Power factor

≥0.95 cos

Driver isolation

Class I, Class II

Operating temperature

-35°C~50°C / 10% ~ 95% (humidity)

Height range

from 3m to 5m

Weight range

from 150kg to 200kg