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Architectural metal canopies and awnings are constructed primarily from rectangular steel profiles, steel sheets, and ornamental cast elements. Whether off-the-shelf or bespoke, these structures are tailored to complement the architectural vision, adhering to style, size, and form requirements. The metal surfaces undergo a meticulous painting process using specialized primers and paints, offering a diverse color palette from the RAL catalog. Additionally, patination and selective coloring techniques accentuate specific architectural features. These structures are securely anchored for stability and longevity.

Manufacturing Architectural Awnings and Canopies of any complexity

The use of outdoor canopies and awnings in urban and suburban constructions is quite diverse, ranging from the traditional installation above building entrances to protecting flower beds, promenades, or car parks. A metal canopy or awning can be integrated with a porch railing to create a covered veranda. The frame of the structure is made of rolled steel, while the roofing is typically constructed from polycarbonate or steel sheeting. Protective coatings of various colors are applied to preserve metal canopies from corrosion. Gilding and patination of individual elements are also possible.

ARCMETALLO specializes in manufacturing metal canopies. We employ modern casting and processing techniques, enabling us to create products with excellent aesthetic and operational parameters. The metal canopies featured in our catalog are perfect for landscaping private cottages as well as administrative and public buildings. They offer several undeniable advantages compared to wooden or canvas counterparts, which is why an increasing number of people opt to purchase metal canopies each year.

Choosing metal canopies is advisable due to the following reasons:

Durability: Metal canopies are constructed using materials that are resistant to external factors. They withstand the negative effects of sunlight, rain, snow, and even sharp temperature fluctuations, ensuring longevity over many years. Reliability and Strength: Metal canopies can bear significant loads without deformation or damage, even when subjected to ice or snow accumulation. Consequently, purchasing metal canopies to protect entrance areas from atmospheric precipitation is convenient. ARCMETALLO specialists offer clients original and practical metal canopies at affordable prices. In some cases, custom constructions can be manufactured based on individual sketches. Please inquire about our collaboration terms and request a cost estimate by contacting our managers by phone.

Among our advantages:

  • High product quality.
  • Order management at every stage.
  • Individual approach to all projects.
  • Short manufacturing times due to direct work.
  • Possibility of discounts.
  • Convenient delivery system.

Manufacturing Architectural Awnings and Canopies with High Product Quality and Competitive Pricing. Production Tailored to Customers’ Projects.


Color from the RAL catalog, Epoxy or polyurethane enamel, Options: painting particular elements in gold, patina, etc., Powder coating


Cast Iron, Steel