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The steel bridge, embellished with decorative cast iron casting, serves as an exquisite park ornament and a crucial urban design element. We cater to bespoke orders of varying designs, sizes, and shapes, offering customization options to feature the client’s logo, coat of arms, or initials.

Garden Architectural Bridges Production

When designing park areas, residential landscapes, and country plots, landscape designers utilize various architectural accents to make each project unique and distinctive.

One of such elements is garden metal bridges, which not only serve as stylish components of the landscape but also fulfill practical functions.

The presence of a water feature, even a small one, on public or private, country plot or residential territory, inherently makes the space more interesting. The shores of ponds or streams are adorned with stone arrangements or landscape-appropriate plants. However, in addition to this, when planning, one can incorporate a decorative garden bridge that will harmoniously blend into the landscape.

Initially, a bridge is a utilitarian element. Its task is to connect two shores so that people can easily overcome the obstacle. The practical benefit of bridges is undeniable. However, equally important is their decorative function.

Decorative metal bridges are installed, among other reasons, to highlight a specific area, accentuate a space, or delineate boundaries.

Bridges are not necessarily installed over water bodies. Modern designers experiment with the concept of a “dry stream,” where the bridge serves as a continuation of a pathway and a means to navigate challenging terrain.

Decorative Bridges from ARCMETALLO

It is mistaken to assume that bridges are only suitable for large areas. Even in a small garden or on a country plot, a similar element can be installed to blend harmoniously.

ARCMETALLO has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing both serious engineering structures – metal bridges with decorative cast railings up to 12 meters long – and small decorative cast bridges starting from 1 meter in length. Metal bridges are often adorned with various individual elements – from customer initials rendered as wreaths and monograms to company logos or decorative elements designed according to a special project.

In our catalog, you can find bridges suitable for various landscape areas. Bridges of different lengths and heights, made from various materials: from simple steel bridges to artistic pieces made from cast iron.

Choose the bridge that suits your site from our catalog. For information on pricing, delivery, assembly, and installation, please contact our toll-free number.


As a company that brings together specialists with years of experience genuinely dedicated to their craft, ARCMETALLO confidently holds a position among manufacturers with a strong reputation.

Among our advantages:

  • High product quality.
  • Order management at every stage.
  • Individual approach to all projects.
  • Short manufacturing times due to direct work.
  • Possibility of discounts.
  • Convenient delivery system.

Garden Architectural Bridges Producer offers a range of Urban Furniture at competitive prices. We produce structures according to customers’ projects.



Color from the RAL catalog, Epoxy or polyurethane enamel, Options: painting particular elements in gold, patina, etc., Powder coating


Cast Iron, Steel