AMITY Water Column

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Cast iron fountains and columns represent intricate hydraulic engineering systems. We specialise in crafting water features, both historical replicas and contemporary designs, meeting the highest standards of craftsmanship and functionality.

Fountains, Water Columns Producer. Fountains are a traditional element of garden and park architecture. Although a complex hydraulic structure, only its visible part, consisting of the basin and design elements, is exposed to people’s eyes. The use of cast iron in fountain manufacturing is not just a tribute to tradition. Carbon alloy is excellently suited for creating elements of aqua design due to its high resistance to moisture.

FOUNTAINS AT ARCMETALLO For over 20 years, the company has been manufacturing various products for garden-park architecture and landscape design. We successfully prove that a fountain can adorn both a vast urban park and a small garden plot of a country house. You can choose a model of the required size, style, and design from us.

You can familiarize yourself with our products in the catalog:

  1. Small fountains mounted on a vertical base. They are suitable for landscapes in a classical style. Installing several fountains along one fence creates a cozy and cool spot in your garden.
  2. Models with water supplied through a faucet imitation. Their laconic design gives them a strict character. They are excellent for landscape design of almost any area, both for decorating the garden of a country house and for shaping the urban environment.
  3. Multi-tiered fountains. Such models look truly luxurious and expensive. They are suitable for spacious country plots or urban gardens and parks. Such a fountain can become a favorite relaxation spot.

Do you have your own vision of how a fountain should look? Is the landscape design of your site done in a unified style, and you need a fountain that will perfectly fit into it? Did you not find a model in our catalog that would satisfy all your wishes?

Together, we will find the right solution. ARCMETALLO has a large stock of ready-made models, but you can also order a unique product made to your individual design.

ADVANTAGES OF CAST IRON FOUNTAINS Cast iron fountains have a long history. Despite the emergence of new materials, they have not lost their relevance and popularity. This can be easily explained. Cast iron has advantages over many materials – both traditional and composite.

For elements of hydraulic structures constantly exposed to water, high corrosion resistance is very important. Cast iron withstands the negative effects of water well. To increase corrosion resistance, all elements are coated with special paint. Thanks to this, moisture has almost no effect on structural elements.

While water is the main “actor” in the fountain, the design of the external elements of the structure is also crucial for creating a unified style. Cast iron is very well processed. Even very complex elements can be created from it. Thanks to this, a cast iron fountain can be created in any style.

Affordable prices and low operating costs are another important advantage of cast iron fountains. A hydraulic structure requires constant maintenance. The alloy’s resistance to environmental influences helps reduce service costs.


Color from the RAL catalog, Epoxy or polyurethane enamel, Options: painting particular elements in gold, patina, etc., Powder coating


Cast Iron, Steel