ZINNIA Flower Holder

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This flower holder boasts intricate patterns evocative of classic garden aesthetics while successfully safeguarding your floral arrangements.

Decorative Flower Holder Manufacturer introduces a unique and robust base designed to ensure stability, keeping floral arrangements securely in place. Ideal for supporting peonies, hydrangeas, and other deciduous plants with delicate stems.

Applications include embedding the holder into the ground until greenery emerges, allowing growing shoots to fortify the stems. Additionally, it serves as a striking and unconventional art piece in gardens during non-seasonal periods. These supports can also be utilized to frame and insulate specific plant types during winter.

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This flower holder boasts intricate patterns evocative of classic garden aesthetics. Its sturdy base ensures stability, safeguarding your floral arrangements. The refined combination of black and gold finishes lends an air of elegance, suitable for various indoor and outdoor settings. Crafted from resilient cast iron, it serves as a tasteful platform to reinforce your cherished blooms.



Diameter: 600 mm, Height: 1060 mm


Artistic cast iron