SET IV Staircase Balusters

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Our cast iron foundry production offers a diverse range of architectural embellishments, including balusters. These intricately designed columns, often adorned with decorative motifs, serve as essential elements in balcony and staircase railings, while also contributing to the overall artistic expression of architectural structures, accentuating their underlying design concepts.

Cast-Iron Spiral Staircase Balusters are small columns onto which railing fences are fixed. They serve two functions – decorative and protective. The foundry ARCMETALLO offers cast iron balusters. Samples of our products are presented in the catalog. Didn’t find a suitable option? Do you have special style and design preferences? Contact us by any convenient means.

ADVANTAGES OF CAST IRON BALUSTERS Structurally, the baluster consists of three parts. The lower part of the column contains a base necessary for fixing to the surface, for example, a staircase step. The upper part is intended for attaching the railings. The central part serves both protective and decorative functions.

Balusters made of different materials are used in architecture. We manufacture railing elements from cast iron. This alloy has many advantages, resulting in strong, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing products. We recommend choosing cast iron balusters in the following cases:

You need a stylish railing for the staircase. Cast iron is easy to process, so we can offer both simple and elegant twisted balusters. In our range, you can find a suitable railing model for any interior style. There are additional safety requirements for the railing. Cast iron posts blend well with any material – concrete, stone, wood, etc. The method of fixing the balusters using special threaded fasteners eliminates the possibility of loosening during operation. Architectural elements resistant to environmental impact are required. Such requirements are usually imposed on balusters used for outdoor fences. Cast iron is very suitable for manufacturing such products. It is strong, durable, resistant to deformation, and can withstand even strong impacts. To resist corrosion, balusters are coated with a special powder paint. A railing is needed that will serve for a long time and require no additional maintenance. Cast iron architectural elements, coated with black powder paint, are resistant to environmental impact. But their important advantage is their repairability. In case of coating damage, the baluster can be easily restored. After restoration, both environmental resistance and appearance are fully restored. To order balusters at ARCMETALLO, fill out the form on the website. After that, our manager will contact you to clarify your order, its cost, manufacturing time, and other questions.

Ready-made balusters can be picked up at our warehouse by yourself. Do you need to calculate the cost of delivery? Inform the manager about this during the order process.



Color from the RAL catalog, Epoxy or polyurethane enamel, Options: painting particular elements in gold, patina, etc., Powder coating


Cast Iron, Steel