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Metal pavilions are more than mere structures; they are architectural marvels crafted from steel, cast iron, and aluminum, adorned with decorative plates, columns, and intricate capitals. With glazing and roofing completing the ensemble, these pavilions transform urban and private landscapes into functional spaces, housing everything from trade kiosks to ticket offices, galleries, greenhouses, and street libraries. Architects are invited to join us in exploring endless possibilities and bringing visionary projects to life in this dynamic realm of design and innovation.

Cast-Iron decorative pavilions producer

In the production of shelters and pavilions for urban environments, the combination of practicality, functionality, and aesthetics is crucial. The ideal option involves manufacturing customized structures tailored to the installation location.

SELECTION OF PAVILIONS AND SHELTERS Modern structures are manufactured according to high customer demands, especially since they are intended for outdoor use in fairly aggressive conditions. Hence, the selection of materials is rigorous, as they must withstand wind loads, temperature variations, and exposure to chemical substances prevalent in urban environments.

Cast iron performs exceptionally well in service. This unique alloy excellently withstands various environmental factors. It endures:

High humidity and direct water exposure; Temperature fluctuations, ranging from severe frost to heatwaves; Dynamic and static loads.

Cast iron pavilions and shelters are resistant to corrosion, enduring decades of exposure to precipitation without degradation. The foundations also remain unaffected by direct contact with moist soil.

The material does not deteriorate under direct sunlight and is considered anti-vandal, making such constructions nearly impossible to bend or break.

One significant advantage of cast iron is its malleability, allowing artisans to shape it into various forms. Therefore, it’s feasible to manufacture pavilions or shelters in any style, from minimalism to empire.

Regarding structural features, designs are tailored considering the installation site’s specifics and the intended use of the complex. Such structures can be stationary or mobile. Stationary ones are commissioned for public transport stops or commercial purposes. Mobile pavilions are in demand for banquets, exhibitions, presentations, and other events.

TYPES AND USAGE OF STRUCTURES Pavilions are widely used in commerce, often made in small sizes and installed in crowded areas. In some cases, mobile models are preferred for easy relocation.

Stop complexes are designed to be multifunctional. People can take shelter from inclement weather while waiting for public transport, with additional square footage used for commercial purposes, for instance. Such structures must combine several important characteristics:

Convenience; Durability; Safety.

Pavilions are also commissioned for establishing public catering points, with special attention paid to complying with sanitary standards. Equally significant is the aesthetic appearance, as the pavilion should attract potential visitors and blend well with the urban architecture. Each structure is designed with the cityscape in mind to ensure seamless integration into the surrounding environment.

ADVANTAGES OF COLLABORATION WITH ARCMETALLO Our company is ready to implement any project, manufacturing modular pavilions and multifunctional stop complexes. We use high-strength and durable materials in our work, ensuring the structure’s longevity while maintaining its original parameters.

What ARCMETALLO offers:

A wide range of pavilions and shelters; Competitive prices; Manufacturing structures precisely according to customer preferences.

We continuously expand our catalog and improve our products to meet the highest customer expectations!



Color from the RAL catalog, Epoxy or polyurethane enamel, Options: painting particular elements in gold, patina, etc., Powder coating


Cast Iron, Polycarbonate, Steel, Wood