VIEN Wall Bracket

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The classic wall lamp on a bracket is designed for functional and decorative architectural lighting. It is installed on the facades of historical and modern buildings, in arches, passages, on walls and fences. It is possible to use a sconce as an element of interior lighting.

Wall Cast-Iron Lamp Production presents a contemporary interpretations of historical cast iron lanterns reflect a deep reverence for traditional design principles and architectural norms.

Materials Cast iron, steel, aluminum

HOUSING Die Cast Aluminum IP 65

DIMENSIONS  You will find the dimensions of the product in the attached sketch.

At ARCMETALLO, our dedicated design team, consisting of skilled professionals such as architects and designers well-versed in various architectural styles, doesn’t just replicate historical craftsmanship; we also enhance it to suit modern technology and practicality.

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We specialise in crafting outdoor lanterns mounted on cast iron and steel posts. Our product lineup includes classical cast-iron lanterns with decorative castings, LED-equipped outdoor lighting posts, and exclusive design structures, each offering versatility in post height, material composition, and lamp quantity.


ARCMETALLO’s outdoor cast iron lanterns find extensive use in illuminating outdoor advertising, roads, highways, recreation areas, embankments, residential and commercial zones, sidewalks, and public transport stops. These lanterns are also popular among cottage and country house owners, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces.

Crafted from durable cast iron and steel materials, our outdoor lanterns offer resistance to environmental extremes and mechanical damage, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal. With a wide product range, including classical and modern styles, we cater to wholesale and retail customers worldwide, offering comprehensive warranty coverage.


We offer a diverse range of lanterns meeting safety and quality standards, with post lengths ranging from 3 to 11 meters. Our commitment to customer satisfaction includes prompt worldwide delivery and personalised service for individual and corporate clients.

For inquiries or orders, please contact us at +393282430019 or via email through our website form. Experience the elegance and functionality of our lanterns tailored to your specific requirements.

Our advantages include:

High-quality products.

Comprehensive order management.

Tailored approach to all projects.

Efficient manufacturing processes resulting from direct work.

Possibility of discounts.

Convenient delivery options.

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