DIBAI Railing Post

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A modern cast-iron fence post, depending on the purpose, can be supplemented with a chain or a rigid railing. It is installed on sidewalks, promenades and embankments, in landscape design and for fencing private territory.

Contemporary cast iron fence post, tailored to specific needs, offers versatility by accommodating chains or sturdy railings. Its installation spans various facets of modern urban development, seamlessly integrating into sidewalks, promenades, and embankments, while also serving as a pivotal element in landscape design and delineating private property boundaries. This adaptable post serves as more than just a functional barrier; it enhances the aesthetic appeal of urban environments, enriching public spaces with its timeless charm and contributing to the cohesive design of private landscapes. Whether guiding pedestrians along bustling city streets or demarcating tranquil retreats, the modern cast-iron fence post epitomizes both practicality and style in contemporary spatial design.

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Purchase Street Bollards from the Manufacturer – ARCMETALLO

At ARCMETALLO, you can purchase steel products or structures crafted using artistic cast iron techniques. Our products are:

  • Durable: They cannot be broken or bent.
  • Long-lasting: The service life can reach up to 100 years.
  • Resistant: They withstand adverse environmental conditions.

Bollards are reliable structures that can be installed in any climatic conditions.


ARCMETALLO offers a wide range of bollards. The models vary in size, design features (with or without hooks for grouping), and color. We manufacture bollards in various design styles, from budget-friendly options with simple patterns to elegant models with intricate ornamentation.

The price of the products depends on several factors:

  • The complexity of manufacturing
  • The height of the structures
  • The presence of decorative elements

Before choosing bollards, you should determine the type of fencing needed. For delineating private areas or recreational zones, shorter bollards are the best choice. For zoning parking areas or separating pedestrian zones from roadways, it is advisable to opt for larger models with a height of at least 1000 mm.

Bollards produced by our company are stylish solutions from a domestic manufacturer, guaranteed for quality. We offer competitive prices on all products, customer support, and worldwide delivery. Contact us! We regularly run promotions, allowing each customer to purchase bollards at a reduced cost.

Contemporary cast iron fence post ARCMETALLO

Cast Iron Bollard Post for Chain Producer. Italian Foundry. Architectural Cast Iron Maintenance, Repair. Urban Furniture. Fast delivery, competitive prices, worldwide shipping


Height: 1100mm


Artistic cast iron


Color from the RAL catalog, Epoxy or polyurethane enamel, Options: painting particular elements in gold, patina, etc., Polymer zinc-phosphate primer


Graphite, Grey, Plum, Silver, Black, Olive, White