For the first time, the company manufactured lanterns in a new region for itself — the United States of America (Dallas, Texas). The design of the facility lasted more than a year and a half. More than 15 tests were conducted, as a result of which were received all the necessary conclusions and certificates for the sale of its products in the United States.

As part of this project, individual lanterns on a cast-iron pedestal in the amount of 33 pcs were manufactured.

Kidzania is an incredibly realistic children’s country where children can master many professions, develop their talents, and gain practical skills and knowledge about the world around them. The country is a huge Park with an area of 10,000 m2.

Today, the guests of Kidzania can try more than 100 fascinating professions. Children fly the plane themselves, create television shows, extinguish fires, conduct research in the laboratory, perform secret missions and perform on the stage of the theatre.


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