In 2019, in the city of Masis, Armenia, the reconstruction and improvement of central streets and squares began.

A large area for walking and relaxation was dedicated to the memory of the Armenian genocide. The green environment, attracting residents and guests of the city with comfortable benches, playgrounds, and beautiful fountains, emphasizes the importance and happiness of existence in peacetime and the feeling of security.

For the illumination of the pedestrian zone, AAM has produced modern LED lanterns, providing comfortable, uniform lighting, and allowing people to spend time outdoors at any time of day with maximum convenience.

Custom-made luminaires, designed to minimize energy consumption without compromising lighting quality, were produced. Moreover, manufactured to the highest standards of quality and technical specifications, these lanterns are guaranteed to serve for a long time without the need to replace light sources or any other components.

Specialists at the company always enthusiastically take on such projects and are happy to contribute to the creation of historically significant objects.


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